The Graveyard Shift


About the film

Graveyard Shift is an independent feature film adapted from a novella by the same name written by Ahmed Faiyaz. The book comes out by the Dec 2012. It is a sequence of events taking place one night in Mumbai which changes the lives of 25 characters who are drawn from different walks of life. Each of them is on a different path and what happens that night impacts their lives and connects to an event in the life of another person. Involved in this mix are a talent manager, a celebrity chef, a once famous actress, a leading Bollywood superstar, a small time businessman from Rajkot, a sleazy shopkeeper from Delhi, a hot blooded martial arts expert, a radio jockey, a film extra/ struggling actor, a prostitute, a gym instructor and many others. The film stars Sohrab Ardeshir, Bhavna Pani, Ira Dubey, Kushal Punjabi, Suchitra Pillai, Vatsal Seth, Yudi and others talented actors. The film is directed by Gaurav Mathur, shot by Tim Spreng and Gaurav Mathur and the screenplay is written by Ahmed Faiyaz who also oversaw the direction as the Creative Director and Executive Producer.