Urban Shots: Crossroads


About the book

In Urban Shots: Crossroads, Ahmed Faiyaz has compiled a number of stories that revolve around the urban concrete jungles in India. Works of writers, engineers, teachers, journalists and people from different backgrounds have been brought together in this book, giving it a more pungent taste of reality.

This book features a number of characters, each one different from the other. Some of the interesting characters from the book are Dr. Basu, a veteran gynaecologist who makes it big on the news, Sahil Seth, a man locked in a love triangle, a 17-year-old girl and her single mother, a lonesome kid with a beautiful bicycle, and a drunk man trying to get off a fast moving train in Mumbai. The book also features a kid who falls for his tutor and a woman with a troubled past who finds herself in the crowded bazaars of Mumbai.

Urban Shots: Crossroads is a compilation of 30 short stories, and the book paints a distinct picture in the minds of its readers.


  • Imprint: Grey Oak Westland
  • Price: Rs.150
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