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Hitesh Shah, a diminutive Assistant Manager at Smith & Kline, one of the leading accounting and audit firms, hates his job and his life. Sahil Arora, a batch mate from college who joined the firm with him, has grown to become the Senior Manager and his current boss. Sahil, a savvy and smart auditor was a pet of the Partner, and relies on an overworked and underpaid, Hitesh, to cover his back on assignments. He had an intern to assist him on assignments, Susan De’mello, who occasionally showed up to work. He finds himself in an assignment with a once large automaker in a decline mode. A lot of the senior executives with vested interests want the show to go on. Venugopal Reddy, scion of the family who has owned Supreme Motors for 3 generations wants it to survive till his film production company and real estate business yield results. With the Company burning out cash at a ferocious pace, Hitesh who strikes a good rapport with Venugopal Reddy comes up with creative suggestions for a turnaround. Super Cabs emerges a short while later, with Hitesh at the helm, backed by dubious funding from a minister, G.S. Rao, and with Supreme Motors supplying a fleet of taxis to the new company. Things take off with pomp and show. Affiliates are signed up, branches are opened across the country, and Hitesh is jet setting as a rising star in Corporate India. Soon, the plot unravels. Most of the vehicles have serious mechanical failures within a year, while Venugopal has been pushing hard to grow the business, in order to divest and rake in a profit given a high valuation. Affiliates and employees go on war against the Company. There’s the rumor of an affair with a model, allegations of sleaze, investor fraud, investigations by authorities into company ownership and transactions, and heaps of negative press. In addition the upcoming mass leader, Ranga Naidu, a rival of G.S. Rao is out to make an example of this situation and launch a bid for the Minister’s place. Hitesh, along with his secretary and current love interest, Payal, is on a run from the law. He disappears from the scene, and weighs his options for survival. One arm of the political machinery wants him framed for the mess, and shot in an encounter. On the other hand, there is an option for him to confess and co – operate. What does he confess to? Does he get out of the mess he finds himself in? With his professional degree revoked and being debarred from his professional practice, where does he go from here?


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