Down the Road


About the book

An exciting and eclectic collection of short stories that brings out all those memories – unforgettable, warm, thrilling, and at times embarrassing – of life in school and college campuses. From hesitant first crushes and relationships to the angst and heartache of wanting to fit in but trying to look like it doesn't matter, and from the excited anticipation of midnight "Maggi parties" to campus ragging and the struggles and insecurities of a fresh graduate trying to find his calling in life – these stories cover situations and instances familiar to anyone from their school and college days. Written by well known authors and bloggers as well as first time writers – some of whom are still living life on campuses around the country – the characters are brought to life with a rich, vivid detail and sensitivity. A first time teacher faced with a formidable task of teaching a group of teenage bullies; the soft beneath the surface canteen owner; a roommate who self - destructs; pranks that go too far; bullies in class taking on a dreaded professor; a spunky fresher out to live life on her own terms; interns realizing that learning from a book is a far cry from applying knowledge in the real world; a street-smart final year student who gets the placement decisions she wants by using "soft" skills; close friends separated by the conflict of caste and campus politics, and unorthodox teachers with a knack for seeing potential in the most unlikely places – all these plus a handful of stories about rare and unusual campus events and three invited essays on the influence of college life on urban culture round out this anthology from the publishers of the acclaimed Urban Shots and Another Chance.


  • Imprint: Grey Oak Westland
  • Price: Rs.150
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