Books byAhmed Faiyaz


The Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift captures a sequence of events during the course of a night in the lives of its varied characters who come from different walks of life. Its darkly funny, tragic and bittersweet, given how these people's lives change and how they affect each other


Hitesh discovers that a shortcut to success can lead one to a point of self destruction. He realizes this when he's on the run, being a much wanted man accused of investor fraud and embezzlement.

Urban Shots: Love Collection

Edited by Sneh Thakur, and with popular writers like Arunava Sinha, Ira Trivedi, Paritosh Uttam, R Chandrasekar, Ahmed Faiyaz and Malathi Jaikumar among many new voices, this is an anthology of urban Indian fiction, translated regional literature and stories never told before – straight from the heart.

Urban Shots: Bright Lights

Urban Shots: Bright Lights is an anthology of compelling stories set in urban India. It was published in 2012 by Grey Oak Publishers, India. It went on to receive highly positive reviews for its vibrant snapshots of daily life in urban India.

Urban Shots: Crossroads

Edited by Ahmed Faiyaz this is a compilation of a number of stories that revolve around the urban concrete jungles in India. Works of writers, engineers, teachers, journalists and people from different backgrounds have been brought together in this book, giving it a more pungent taste of reality.

Urban Shots

Edited by bestselling author, Paritosh Uttam, this is an anthology of 29 urban tales by 13 young writers. Each of these fresh, vivid and deceptively simple stories focuses on an epiphany. The stories are set with the backdrop of our urban metros with their bright lights, sky rises, glitzy malls, tenements, crowds and the chaos that comes with it.

Another Chance

This is a story the depicts the complex maze of human relationships centred around Ruheen, a desirable and fragile woman confronted with a difficult choice. A choice between two men she's loved at differbent points of time in the past decade.

Down the Road

An exciting collection of short stories of life in school and college...

Love, Life and all that jazz...

A slice of life journey of four young friends who experience love, loss and confusion as they come of age in the bustling metropolis on Mumbai.