All the Lost Souls


About the film

Saira is a talented young Indian actress living and working in Prague with her boyfriend, Marcus, an out of work British actor. Troubled by her past, her drug addiction, the difficult relationship with Marcus and with the struggles with finding good work, Saira finds refuge in the arms of Kevin, a banker turned filmmaker, who is trying to redeem himself for the accidental death of his ex - girlfriend, Melissa. Post Saira's break up with Marcus, she is cast to play the lead in Kevin's independent feature film, but her drug addiction comes in the way of her creative pursuits and her fragile relationship with Kevin, who is passionately in love with her. Saira has to choose between love, the chance to finally succeed at what she does, and her addiction which threatens to destroy everything Kevin is trying to do for her..

The film is directed by Ahmed Faiyaz and has a cast and crew from Germany, UK, USA, Venezuela, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, India and Czech Republic.