About Ahmed Faiyaz

I am a Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant by accident, a civil servant by day and a writer by night. I am a voracious reader and a lover of cinema. I am a non - conformist by choice....I am Ahmed Faiyaz...


Ahmed Faiyaz grew up in Bangalore and now lives in Dubai. He’s a book and film addict, and apart from reading books and watching cinema of all genres, he is a passionate writer. He is bestselling author of Love, life & all that jazz…, Another Chance and Scammed, and the editor of Urban Shots – Crossroads and Down the Road. He has written and directed 6 short films and 2 feature films including Graveyard Shift. He has also just completed an international film, shot in Prague called 'All the Lost Souls' with a cast and crew from Germany, UK, USA, Venezuela, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, India and Czech Republic.

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